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Capsule Tube & 20 Ring Fit 19mm Coin Holders for US Penny/Cent

Capsule Tube & 20 Ring Fit 19mm Coin Holders for US Penny/Cent


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  • INSIDE DIMENSIONS: 19mm x 1.57mm OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS: 30.94mm x 4.9mm
  • COINS THAT FIT: US Penny/Cent (Indian Head, Lincoln Cents), Six Pence, 1/10oz Silver Walking Liberty, 1/10oz Panda-Sterling, 5 Peso Gold, 1 Rand, 1/2oz Gold Sovereign, 5 Agorot, and 50 Kopeks
  • RING FIT: The foam ring will stretch to provide a snug fit for coins up to 19.8mm


Capsule Tube & 20 Ring Fit 19mm Coin Holders for US Penny/Cent

The capsule storage tubes are designed to store AirTite coin holders. Choose between a cap or a plug lid. The cap lid closes around the outside of the tube and each lid has a small hole poked in the cap to allow air-flow when removing the lid, and the lid is lubricated for easier use. The plug lid closes inside the tube and does not have an air-flow hole or lubrication. The tubes do not provide any extra protection for the coins, they are only a storage solution.

Capsules are PVC free, archival safe, and are made from an acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent. This process results in a product that is hard, crystal clear, and smooth to the touch. Our capsules are securely packaged, un-assembled, within layers of foam to protect them during shipment. The Rings are made of an inert cross linked polyethylene. The rings secure the coin in the holder. They will create an additional barrier against air contamination and also presents an attractive border to accent the coin.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Another Great Purchase

Have bought from this seller many times and always a great experience! Thank you!

Excellent product and very rapid shipment!

I highly recommend the products and service.

Michael M.
Disagree With Hayden's Review...

First of all, that's the point of a good capsule. To close it and for it to be sealed as air tight as possible. Second of all a tiny flat tipped screwdriver that comes with a standard eyeglass repair kit pops these babies right open with no damage. I've been stacking silver and gold for 30 years and I've bought the most expensive kind and the cheapest kind. When you buy the 20 capsule and capsule tube combo in any size from this site it's the best deal available unless you want a substandard product made out of who knows what.

Hayden h
Great product but way over priced ...

The product fits my penny sized silver coins very well, but once you snap the 2 pieces together, good luck trying to get your coin out. You could look at it like each plastic coin holder is 1$ And you get the tube for free. Like I said, good product but you could find the same thing on amazon for half the price.

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