Collection: COIN HOLDERS

Air-Tite Brand Coin Capsules have been manufactured for over 40 years and their goal is "to provide a practical solution to an age old problem". That problem being a cost effective solution for a holder to provide protection for virtually every coin minted worldwide. Use the subcategories to find the size you are looking for faster.

In order to fit every coin in the world, Air-Tite Holders has two styles of Capsules, Direct Fit and Ring Type, and capsules are separated by Letter Sizes: A, H, I, T, X, Y, and Z. The Letter System determines the outside diameter of the capsule, A's are the smallest, and Z's are the largest. Direct Fit Capsules are recommended for coins or medallions in mint condition and allows them to securely fit to the inner edge of the capsule. The Direct Fit Capsules are made for common US Coins. Ring Type Capsules are normally sold with a Black or White inert foam ring. This inner ring is flexible, and allows coins and medallions of unique diameters to fit. We also carry Blue, Green, and Red Velour Rings in sizes: 32mm, 38mm, 39mm, and 40.6mm. These Velour Rings do NOT stretch, so make sure to measure your coins precisely. 

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