Direct Fit Coin Chart

OnFireGuy's Coin Sizing Chart for Air-Tite Brand Capsules

Capsule Size

Inside Dimensions 

Outside Dimensions

USA Coins

Foreign Coins


16.5mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

1/10oz Gold Eagle, 1/10oz Platinum Eagle, Half Dime (1794-1805)

1/10oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/10oz Gold Libertad, 1/10oz Silver and Gold Britannia, 1/10oz Gold Koala, 1/20oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/20oz Silver Libertad


17.9mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

US Dimes (1829-present), $2.50 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle (1840-1929), Nickel Three Cent

1/10oz Gold Panda, Russian 10 Kopeks, German 5 Reichspfennig


19mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

US Penny / Cent (1858-present), Bust Dime (1796-1828), Gold $2 1/2oz Capped Head to Left (1829~1834)

1/10oz Sterling Panda, 5 Peso Gold, Australian Six Pence, Bahama 1 Cent


21.2mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

US Nickels, Buffalo & Jefferson Nickels

Canadian 5 Cent (1922-present), Bahama 5 Cent, Euro 5 Cent


22mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

1/4oz Gold Eagle, 1/4oz $25 Platinum Eagle, Half Cent Liberty Cap (1793), 20 Cent Piece (1875-1878) $4 Gold Stella

1/4oz Silver Britannia, 1/4oz Gold Panda, 1/4oz Queen's Beast, 1/4oz Gold Sovereign, 1/4oz Gold Philharmonic, 10 Peso Gold, 1/4oz Gold Chiwoo Cheonwang


24.3mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

US Quarters (1828-present)

Australian Schilling, British 1 Schilling, Barbados 25 Cent (1973-2007)


26.49mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

US Presidential Dollars, Susan B. Anthony Dollar, Sacagawea Dollar, First Spouse Gold, Large Cent Chain, Large Cent Wreath

Canadian One Dollar (1988-present) $1 Loon, Barbados 1 Dollar, (1988-2008)


30.6mm x 2.03mm

36.5mm x 5.1mm

US Half Dollars (1837-present)

1oz Platinum Maple Leaf


27mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

1/2oz Gold Eagle, $10 Gold Liberty Dollar, $10 Indian Gold Eagle, 1/2oz Platinum Eagle, Large Cent Chain, Large Cent Cornet (1837-1857), Quarters (1796-1828)

1/2oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/4oz Silver Libertad, 1/2oz Gold Panda, 1/2oz Gold Britannia, 1/2oz Gold Sovereign, 1/2oz Silver Britannia


32.7mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

1oz Gold Eagle, 1oz Gold Buffalo, 1/2oz Liberty Dollar, 1oz $100 Platinum Eagle, 1/2oz Silver Round, US Half Dollar (1794-1836)

1oz Gold Krugerrand, 1oz Gold Britannia, 1oz Gold Queen's Beast, 1oz Gold Sovereign, 1/4oz Silver Libertad, 1oz Gold Panda, 30-gram Gold Panda


34mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

$20 Saint-Gaudens Gold

1/2oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/2oz $1 Silver Wolf


38.1mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

1oz Silver Dollars (Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, Liberty, Trade)



38mm x 3.29mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm


1oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1oz Canadian Wildlife Series


39mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

1oz Silver Rounds, 1oz Copper Rounds, 1oz Silver Buffalo, US Dollars (1794-1839), 1oz Modern Commemoratives, Standard Casino Chips

1oz Silver Somalian Elephant


40.6mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

1oz American Silver Eagles, Commemorative $50 Gold, US Dollars (1794-1839)

1oz Silver Australian Coins (Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra (1990 - 2020)) 1oz Silver Libertad, 1oz Sterling Panda,1oz Silver Fiji Taku, 1oz Silver Britannia (1998-2012), 1oz Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang


43.6mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

$10 Casino Silver Strikes



44.45mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

1.75" Military Challenge Coins

1oz Silver Lunar Series 2


47.12mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

Less Common 2oz Rounds, 2oz Walking Liberty, 2oz Silver Buffalo



62.99mm x 5.48mm

71.37mm x 8.9mm

Less Common 5oz Rounds



64.99mm x 5.48mm

71.37mm x 8.9mm

5oz Silver Rounds - NOT ALL 5oz Rounds are this size, Measure your Coins

5oz Silver Libertad, 5oz Silver Fiji Taku


76.81mm x 3.84mm

82.9mm x 7.3mm

5oz America the Beautiful (NOT 5oz Samoa), 5oz Silver Rounds



76.81mm x 7.26mm

82.9mm x 10.5mm

10oz Silver Rounds (Measure your Coins)

10oz Silver Lunar Series 1, 10oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

1oz Bar

29.41mm x 50.8mm x 2.49mm

34.46mm x 55.8mm x 5.7mm

1oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar, 1oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar, 1 Troy Ounce Siver Bar with rounded corners


5oz Bar

36.34mm x 61.41mm x 7.91mm

42.13mm x 67.1mm x 10.72mm

5oz SilverTowne's Art Bar, 5oz Scottsdale, 5oz Silvertowne Standard Bar, 5oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar fits but is thicker and narrower (may rattle)


10oz Bar

90mm x 52mm x 6.8mm

95.5mm x 57.1mm x 10.1mm

10oz Johnson Matthey Bar, 10oz Scottsdale Reserve, 10oz Covid-19 Bar, 10oz Engelhard Prospector, 10oz NTR Silver Bar, 10oz A-Mark Bars, & 10oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar (with some rattle)

10oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar, 10oz Silver Britannia Bar