How to Open a Coin Capsule

Air-Tite Brand holders are some of the best coin capsules on the market. Once closed, they are difficult to reopen and this cannot be done with just your fingers.

Here at OnFireGuy, we recommend using a utility knife to carefully pry around the edge of the capsule. Insert the blade tip between the top and bottom half of the capsule, do this step at various locations around the coin edge. Once you have a slight gap around the entire edge you can use your blade to pry up the edges. Make sure to go slow, and work the entire edge of the capsule, not just one side. Once the halves are pried far enough apart you can separate them with your fingertips.

After the top is removed, place the bottom half with the coin between your middle finger and thumb. Then hit the heel of your hand on a hard surface, and the coin will be released. We recommend doing this step with a soft, clean cloth underneath to catch the coin.

Now that the coin is removed, you can do with it as you please. As you may notice, the coin and the capsule should be unharmed by this process. The capsule can even be used again. You can now place the coin into a different style of capsule, or sell it. When handling the coin, make sure to wear protective gloves so there is no contact with the oils on fingertips. (When prying the capsules apart we don't use gloves as we don't want the capsule to slip between our fingers.)

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