Comparing Direct Fit & Ring Fit Coin Capsules

When shopping for coin capsules it’s best to know your preference in capsule style. We offer two styles, direct fit and ring type, and we are going to compare each style. Both the direct fit and ring fit capsules are made from acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent producing a durable, crystal clear product that snaps together.

The direct fit style capsules hold common USA coins in mint condition. If a coin is worn along the rim it may rattle in this capsule. If this is the case we recommend using a ring type capsule. 

The direct fit capsules use a letter and number system to identify the sizes. For example, a popular capsule is the H40. The letter “H” refers to the capsules’ size and assists when looking for a storage container of your choice. The number provides the closest measurement in millimeters. This H40 capsule has an inside diameter of 40.6mm as it is designed to hold 1oz American Silver Eagle coins. 

These capsules can be a little difficult to understand as the inside diameter may not reflect the identification number. As the direct fit style is for US coins, you may have problems fitting a foreign coin into this style capsule.

As it is impractical to make Direct Fit Capsules for every coin in the world, Air-Tite utilizes the ring fit capsules. These ring fit capsules come with two options: black or white rings. The rings are made of inert polyethylene foam that can stretch to provide a nice snug fit for foreign coins and other coins with odd diameters. The foam rings provides an attractive border, is an additional barrier against air contamination, and helps hold the coin in the center of the capsule. 

Ring fit capsules have even number diameters, but can hold slightly larger coins. For example, the 1oz Silver Britannia has a diameter of 38.61mm; we recommend using a 38mm Black or White Ring Capsule for this coin. The foam ring will stretch to provide a nice snug fit. If you were to use a 39mm black or white ring capsule, there will be a gap between the ring and the coin. 

When inserting a coin with a slightly larger diameter, we suggest compressing the ring with the coin on one side. Then lay the coin in the capsule and wait for the ring to un-compress itself. This will allow a nice fit without the ring being smashed on one side.

All in all, the biggest difference between the direct fits and the ring type capsules is personal preference. What do you like best?

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