Understanding Air-Tite Capsules

Air-Tite capsules can be confusing if you aren't very familiar with them. We have provided a chart and some examples to help explain. The most difficult aspect is that Air-Tite uses a letter system to determine the outside diameter of the capsules.


AirTite Capsule Size Direct Fit Capsules Ring Type Capsules Outside Measurements Capsule Tube Size Storage Box Size
A A16, A18, A19, A21, A22, A24, A26 10mm - 19mm 30mm x 4.9mm A Small
T T30 20mm - 25mm 36.5mm x 5.1mm T Medium
H H27, H32, H34, H38, H39, H40 26mm - 32mm 44.45mm x 3.17mm H Large
I NA 33mm - 42mm 51.59mm x 5.7mm I Extra Large
X X1.75, X43.6, X47.12, X6 X38mm - X44mm 53.8mm x 7.2mm X NA
High Relief NA High Relief 38mm - 40mm 53.8mm x 10.5mm X NA
Y Y63, Y65 45mm - 60mm 71.37mm x 8.9mm NA NA
Z5 Z5 NA 76.81mm x 7.3mm NA NA
Z10 Z10 NA 76.81mm x 10.5mm NA NA


The chart shows each letter, it's outside measurements, the direct fit and ring type options for this letter, the capsule tube and storage box. As we can see the letter system goes in order from smallest to largest, excluding the "T" size, which is the second smallest size.

The direct fit capsules are made for common USA coins. When you see a part number with a letter and a number such as "H38" this refers to the capsule's outside and inside diameter. By looking at our chart, the "H" tell us the capsule has an outside diameter of 44.45mm, shows it will fit into the "H" Capsule Tube, and it will fit into the Large Single or Double Row Storage Box.
The "38" refers to the approximate inside diameter, which in this case is 38.1mm.

Direct Fit Capsules may have a clear inner ring to hold the coin in the center of the capsule. The smaller the number in the letter system means the closer to the center the inner ring will be. For example, the top capsule in the photo to the right is an A16. As we see the "A" size direct fits range from A16 - A26, the A16 will have an inner ring closer to the center.

The ring type capsules are a little harder to determine as the part numbers are not used like the direct fits. Using the 38mm Black Ring Capsules as an example, the "38mm" refers to the inside diameter of the black ring. However, this does not tell us what the outside diameter is. We can either find this information by reading the product description, or by looking above at our chart. We can see the letter "I" will hold ring type capsules with diameters between 33mm - 42mm. We now know the 38mm Black Ring Capsules are an "I" capsule, and will fit into the "I" Capsule Tube, and can also fit into the Extra Large Single or Double Row Storage Box.

As we can see in our two 38mm examples, both the direct fit and black ring options had an inside diameter of about 38mm, but they don't have the same outside diameter. This is because the black ring needs more space to fit around the coin, therefore, a larger capsule.

It's always best when looking for ring type capsules to double check measurements when ordering a capsule storage option to make sure you get the right one.

If there are any further questions, or you need help finding the right capsule please feel free to contact us by using our Contact Us page. 

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