The Great American Coin Hunt has Begun

The Great American Coin Hunt has Begun

The first ever Great American Coin Hunt was launched in April 2019 to increase interest in coin collecting. The main goal is to inspire a new generation of coin collectors by gaining national attention to this hobby. This is the first time there has been a concerted effort to expand the hobby on a national level. This effort is being called the biggest coin drop in American history.

An estimated one million Indian-head and Wheat pennies, Buffalo nickels, silver dimes and quarters, Eisenhower dollars, and other valuable coins will be distributed into general circulation. Look for them in banks, grocery stores, malls, and other high-traffic venues across the country. If the coins are found, hunters will be able to redeem them for actual numismatic rarities at participating coin shops around the US.

The U.S. Government Mint is also participating in this coin hunt. For the first time in its 227-year history, the Mint will be releasing coins with the West Point “W” mint mark into general circulation. The West Point mint already produces coins for general circulation, however, the “W” mint mark has always been reserved for commemorative, proof, and bullion coins.

In addition to these coins, Silver Certificates and other old bills will be released. Some dealers are also releasing limited numbers of common coins marked with a special holographic sticker that can be redeemed for collector coins worth up to $100.

Visit the Great American Coin Hunt website to view an interactive map showing the areas were coins have been released, how to participate, and participating dealers.

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