Rock out your Collection

Rock out your Collection

Now that you have some geodes, agates, rock clusters, and/or fossils you need to show them off. You spent time and money finding these great pieces, so why not show off to your friends and family. 

The most popular stands are our three peg stands. These stands feature two back corner pegs and one peg in the front center. The front peg is half the height as the two back ones, and this allows you to angle your piece for the best view. These stands can also come with our exclusive anti-scratch guards. The vinyl tips are placed over each peg and helps prevent your item from slipping and scratching.


With five sizes to choose from you can display a variety of geode and fossil sizes. We also have paired three pegs to display a split geode.

Another popular stand is our triangle three pegs. These stands have a triangle base with a peg at each corner. We have two styles of these stands, one that features all pegs at the same height. The second has one peg that is half the height of the two back pegs. You can use these stands to angle an item for the best view, or place a thin item like an agate, between the pegs so it will stay upright. These stands are best used for smaller, lightweight items, as the pegs are very slim.

We also have triangle displays that feature a lower profile than the other options we have gone over. These stands feature three prongs and the front prong is half the height of the two back ones. Again, this is to angle your item for the best view. As these stands have a low profile, so your collection will look like its set on a table or shelf without scratching your furniture.

If you’re not looking for an angled stand, then maybe a four peg stand would work for you. These stands are similar to the three pegs, but feature a peg at each corner. Each peg is the same height and used to elevate your item.

Now all you have to do is decide the best way to “rock out” your collection. If you need any help deciding please feel free to contact us or give us a call, we’re real people too!

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